Plugin "Exit modal"

The plugin "Exit modal" allows the visitor attempt to leave your website to display a popup window with jQuery + bootstrap modal, which can contain text, images, videos, subscription forms, maps and so on, before the visitor leaves your website.

The plugin defines the behavior of the mouse and displays a pop-up modal window when your visitors going to close the current web page. The plugin helps to increase conversion on your Landing page, get subscribers, and so on. With experience, you can expect to increase conversions - depending on your audience, traffic quality and supply.

* In the popup window, you can display almost anything that you can insert on a regular web page.

* Shortcodes WordPress can also be used in the pop-up contents.

* You can control the height and width of the popup window.

* How often your visitors see the pop-up window when you visit the page.

See this plugin in action you can just swipe the mouse in the address bar of the page (if You're new to the site or been on our website for more than a week).

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