'Custom forms' for WordPress

The Plugin "Custom forms" for WordPress.

This plugin was developed for affiliate programs.

Send form data occurs to third party handlers.

an Arbitrary number of custom form fields.

for Example: if You signed a "partnership agreement" and You need to post a link like this:


With this plugin it is very simple.

  1. Installing the plugin go to the menu item: "Partnership forms" the
  2. Create a form
  3. created a Custom form:
    • The Url of form handler (everything before "?")
    • The method of passing form data (hidden "POST" or in the address bar, "GET")
    • The Sending data to the same tab or switching to another
    • etc.
  4. Create the required fields of the hidden type (for example: "partner_id", "level") and the other fields of type text or field choices for the visitor (if required, for example, "client Name", "amount of loan", etc.)
  5. If you need only the link - create a hidden field type (for example: "partner_id", "level") without paying attention to classes and field sizes
  6. And when you edit the article you want to insert an affiliate link add shortcode with the ID of the created form using the button in the editor

Цена: 500 рублей

Wordpress плагины № 13865

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