WordPress plugin "Slider"

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Plugin for WordPress "Slider"

features four different display modes.

Easy to manage:

  • create one slider and get 4 types at once!
  • to the picture of each slide you can add your own text to the header.
  • select list shortcodes integrated into the WordPress editor - to remember / write down ID only when you create a slider!
  • If Your theme already uses styles and scripts from the Twitter Bootstrap in the plugin there is the possibility of their (styles and scripts) to disable.
  • integrated support for Russian and English languages (in the admin when creating slider) and the possibility of translation into other languages for easier use.

Preview of the plugin (4 types):

  1. With the title in the basement
  2. With a title and description and thumbnail on the right in the basement
  3. With a title, description, and control buttons in the basement
  4. With a title and description in the basement and the control buttons on the right

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